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Give Your Business the LIFT of the Cloud!

IT Masters gives your business the same competitive leverage used by the larger players in your space.

Any business that is taking credit card and debit card payments, advertising on social media, or doing online banking is already using the cloud – but only a small part of it.

The cloud is the way that the smart businesses of today source IT resources and services. Imagine being able to:

  • Get the applications you need and set them up in minutes
  • Delivering projects faster on a global scale
  • Grow without the long-term commitment of purchasing infrastructure

Why pay for more than you use? Why buy expensive, in-house IT assets when you can leverage cloud assets and avoid the capital investment? Move your IT into the operating expenditure column and leave capital expenditure budgets for your larger goals.

Our Cloud Services offers:

  • Cloud-based, virtual computers and servers – Hardware as a Service
  • Cloud-based, virtual computing platforms – Platform as a Service
  • A 99.999% uptime
  • The option of provisioning a virtual machine in less than 30 minutes
  • High-performance cloud servers
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Cloud-based, virtual servers and storage via SherWeb and Azure – Infrastructure as a Service
  • Back up and disaster recovery
  • Cloud-Based VoIP business phone systems powered by Jive

We are now in a cloud economy! Let the cloud give your company a LIFT now by contacting the IT Masters team at (937) 369-0078 or