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Insurance Works For You Summary

Insurance Works For You is an independent insurance agency specializing in real estate insurance, contractor insurance, vacant property insurance, classic cars, bed and breakfast coverage, and more. They operate across three states, serving clients in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Operating an insurance agency in the modern business world requires a robust IT environment. Bill Montgomery and the team of insurance industry professionals at Insurance Works For You know that the management of their IT systems is too important to try to handle on their own – they trust IT Masters to handle it for them.

“I was introduced to Brian (IT Masters’ Manager) at a networking meeting, and he seemed like the type of person who could help me with the challenges I was having at the moment,” says Bill Montgomery, Insurance Works For You.

Software Integration


The integration and optimization of the many components of an IT system are difficult tasks – but they need to be prioritized.

Why? Today’s insurance agencies are under a lot of pressure to deploy and optimize systems for efficient operations. Think for a minute about the importance of not just implementing the right technology but also ensuring it is appropriately configured and managed for the agency. Whether it’s a small or large agency, efficient operations, cost-effect, and most importantly, quality of service are dependent upon the implementation and optimization of the IT environment.

“We have an agency management system that ties into a variety of company systems, and I was having a problem with the networking,” says Bill.

IT Masters managed the entire process of integrating Bill’s agency management software with the other applications in use at Insurance Works For You. Brian configured, tested, and optimized the software to make sure that Bill and the whole team were constantly getting the best out of their tech-investment.


“He got me fixed up so the network works, and all my coordination with all the other things I have to do work properly,” says Bill.

Cybercrime Response

Regardless of whatever cybersecurity solutions an organization may have in place, all it takes is one wrong move by an employee, and something can go wrong. Cybersecurity gimmicks — such as “set it and forget it” firewalls and antivirus software — fail to account for how important the user is. Even the most effective digital security measures can be negated by simple human error, which is why conventional solutions are simply not enough to guarantee a business’ safety.

“We had this situation where one of my staff went to a website which wasn’t the website they thought they were going to,” says Bill. “My system was blown up for three days.”

“Fortunately, Brian also does backups for me, and we got everything fixed,” says Bill.

If you have a data backup solution, then it doesn’t matter if your data has been infected with malware. You can just replace it with your backup, simple as that. That’s why IT Masters provides a comprehensive backup data recovery solution for Insurance Works For You, allowing them to restore their data when necessary.

To this day, IT Masters manages Insurance Works For You’s cybersecurity measures, maintaining their backups, supporting their defensive software, and even double-checking suspicious emails.

“It’s to the point that if I get an email that makes me suspicious, I send it to him and have him look it over first,” says Bill.

Comprehensive IT Support

No matter the type of work you’re involved in, at some point, you need modern technology to make it happen. Whether that calls for a complex network of servers and other hardware, or a simple desktop set up and mobile connectivity, in either case, you need technology that works.

Insurance Works For You is no different than other businesses in operation right now – they need their IT to work. They trust IT Masters to take care of it for them.

“We’ve been working with them for six or seven years now, and some days Brian feels like an employee,” says Bill. “We go to him for all our IT type of stuff, including our VoIP phone system, and selecting who to use as an Internet provider, he advises on all those things.”

IT Masters provides a range of IT services to keep Insurance Works For You’s systems well-supported and secure:

  • Managed IT Services: Around-the-clock monitoring, regular maintenance and responsive support to keep systems running properly
  • Business Continuity: Data backup to keep the business protected and in operation no matter what happens
  • Cybersecurity: A range of cybersecurity solutions to protect against hackers infecting the network


Insurance Works For You enjoys a comprehensively supported IT environment. Problems are anticipated and avoided, and when an issue does crop up, IT Masters is available to address it with a proven solution.

“He handled pretty much everything from the fax machine to the printer we have online to how the whole office operates,” says Bill.

IT Masters has consistently done what I needed to get done. They keep me informed of what’s going on with it and get me fixed up.”

Bill Montgomery,
Insurance Works For You