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IT Masters – Delivering positive customer experiences driven by best-in-class technology

As a part of our continual search for the very best technology solutions to deliver to our clients, the IT Masters team partners with well-known world leaders of technology development such as Carbonite, Mozy, Webroot, Connectwise, 3cx, AVG- among many others. This diversity in sourcing technology allows us to have an independent approach and gives us the flexibility to tailor a solution for the specific needs of your business.


What do we look for in a strategic partnership with a hardware or software vendor that we use to deliver IT solutions to clients like you?

  • Proven Reliability -We want to deliver dependable technology to our clients.

  • Public Track Record -We value transparency and purposely work with companies that are honest about both their successes and their failures.

  • Predictable Outcomes -We choose to cooperate with suppliers who provide outcomes that are reliable – no surprises for our clients.

  • Potential-We are always evaluating new technology.

In the end, however, the services that our team of stellar technology professionals delivers are not about our suppliers – it is about the experience that we provide to you, our clients. The technology is simply the vehicle that we use to bring you a working environment for our clients that is:

  • Secure -free of annoying adware, malware, and more dangerous cyber-crime tactics

  • Seamless– optimized to be a tailored fit your company’s work processes

  • Supported – guaranteed answers for your IT questions
    and resolutions to any issues that may arise


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